Mission & Values

Our mission is to serve, teach, inspire and impact current and future urban professionals in our quest for actionable steps towards safe, inclusive, active mobility.

We convene thoughtful, driven people with diverse backgrounds and world views. We cultivate a growing network of committed leaders in communities worldwide. We turn global ideas into local action with current & next generations of urban professionals.

Shifting away from planning for cars​

Mobility is at the heart of many challenges cities are facing. To create sustainable, inclusive, healthy, equitable and economically prosperous places for all citizens, urban transport must move away from planning for cars to planning for people. Our work uses urban cycling as a boundary object to explore the challenges, phenomena, and solutions that redefine human transport in cities.

Bringing science to practice - and back

Cycling is increasingly on the urban policy agenda. But urban planners, academia, and governments struggle to translate available cycling research, navigate mobility innovations, and find appropriate best practices. This urban mobility transition is not about what needs to be done – but how. Our work is committed to translating research into practice through dialogue, leadership, and action that help unpack the sustainable mobility paradigm.

The urgent need for actions

With climate change and mounting health, economic, and societal costs of car-dependency, waiting is not an option. Change can bring uncertainty, and progress can be difficult, our work prizes deep exploration of  has earned a reputation as a crucial, reliable resource and our programs  to build knowledge & develop capacity that fosters actionable responses for cities and governments.

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