Library of Cycling Marketing

The ways that cycling is communicated, portrayed, and promoted in media and culture influence our perception and behaviors. The library below shows all different types of adverts from around the world.

What do you think we can learn from the fields of marketing and communication about portraying the image of cycling and the practice of cycling?

What needs to change in our media to reach different groups and enhance acceptability or take up of cycling as a daily transport mode?

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Six years on two wheels

What makes the perfect vehicle?

#BikeIsBest - The Best Tool For The Job

Utrecht world-class bicycle city

Niets rijdt als een Gazelle

Renaud "Amoureux de Paname"


Blijven liggen gaat je mollen | Pedal Bike life Zwolle

Max Raabe - Fahrrad fahr´n

#BikeIsBest | There has never been a better time to ride a bike


Anthony's Putsch - King of the world

Von Hamburg bis zum Meer - Nico Suave, Tonbandgerät, Chefboss, Cäthe

Time to ride the future | VanMoof

The Holstee Manifesto: Lifecycle Video

Cycling to Stations

Der Radlhauptstadtsong Wir fahren bike

Bringázz inkább te is!

Aveiro Lifecycle


People For Bikes: If I Ride

Bikes Make Life Better -- Projection Art

Fietsersbond - Fietsers komen heel wat hindernissen tegen

Gi' livet luft - Cyklisternes By

Et si le vélo devenait une chose sérieuse?

Bringázz a munkába!

Nfta 7

Transport for London Commercial


Muévete con Conciencia. DGT Campaña de Movilidad 2015

Charlie Winston: I Love Your Smile

VELORETTI: An Amsterdam Bicycle Story

NS - The first day

Veloretti - The future belongs to bikes

Die Erfindung des Autos | extra 3 | NDR

Library of Cycling Documentaries

The bicycle has been the subject (or object) of many international documentaries and shorts. The library below includes many (but not all) from around the world.

What do you think we can learn from the storytelling and fields like communication, journalism, and visual art about portraying the image of cycling and the practices of cycling?

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"Rolling" by Transportation Alternatives

Women Don't Cycle

The Engine Inside - A Documentary About Using Bicycles To Build A Better Future

Beauty and the Bike

Genre de Vie


Why We Cycle

Together we cycle


1950: Amsterdam, Stad van Fietsers & Fietsen

Why the Dutch ride bikes

Cyclists behaving badly - Understanding cyclist disobedience in Amsterdam

Campaign "Radlhauptstadt München": Using emotional markers

World's biggest bicycle study: The Bike Study Week in Amsterdam Region

De Benen van Amsterdam

Logo Urban Cycling Institute in White

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