Urban Cycling Events

We generate impact by organizing and participating in knowledge transfer & thought leadership events that aim to nurture networks of knowledgeable and empowered researchers and practitioners dedicated to understanding change processes in urban transport. Our events strive to steer city-to-city learning, collective exchange, and problem solving on urban cycling. It’s no coincidence we are based in Amsterdam – as much as possible, we use the city and region for experiential learning. 

CRBAM Conference

The Cycling Research Board Annual Meeting (CRBAM) was born out of the need for fostering a creative and nurturing environment for early-stage and established academics to exchange ideas and push the boundaries of research. The ambition of the conference is centered around collaboration, feedback, diversity, and production of new knowledge. The Urban Cycling Institute launched the first CRBAM in 2016 in Amsterdam and since then the conference has traveled to several European universities. The 3-day conference is usually held in October. If your university is interested in hosting CRB, please contact us for more information about the bidding and hosting process.
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