Illustrations of swarming: Interactions and negotiation in motion

Published: 8 June 2020

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“See the gestures, gazes, embodied negotiations and interactions that take place ever so swiftly as people move in and out.”

O.B. Jensen

These faces! Those sounds! Cycling makes cities deeply human. (Morning rush hour on Sarphatistraat in Amsterdam)
When the lights are off in Amsterdam city! Frederiksplein, Rush hour
Paint, kerbs and traffic lights would never make this safer than eye contact and low speed. Less = More.

By Lennart Nout:

The Choreography of the Unstoppable Dance…deserves a better designed stage to perform on.
The vivid human-scaled rush hour of Amsterdam.
If cycling rules the morning rush hour…
The Art of Swarming: how to achieve self-organized and efficient traffic flow?

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