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Let's use creative and interactive sessions to shape the cycling research agenda together
September 5-6 2024

"Our research & education uses urban cycling as a lens to explore challenges, phenomena and solutions that redefine transport in cities"

Education with the Urban Cycling Institute

We offer transformative education, training, and professional development programs for understanding and rethinking human scale, multi-modal mobility systems and governance. Our philosophy of teaching and facilitation is rooted in experiential and inquiry-based learning, using the urban environment as a fundamental arena for experiencing and applying lessons. 

Cross-discipline research by the Urban Cycling Institute

We conduct independent, open-access, cross-discipline, state-of-art research to better understand the intricate web of causes and effects of urban cycling. Our research adds value to society by directly engaging with and providing actions for urban planners, engineers, elected officials, and others who work on making better cities.

Events with the Urban Cycling Institute

We generate impact through knowledge transfer & thought leadership events that aim to nurture global networks of knowledgeable and empowered researchers and practitioners. Our events strive to steer city-to-city learning, collective exchange, and problem solving.

“It’s no coincidence we are based in Amsterdam”

Amsterdam is on the global stage of best practice for cycling infrastructure, design, and policies. 
We leverage these aspects not as copy-paste solutions but rather as a unique learning arena – an important fertile ground for re-imagining, sharing knowledge and testing solutions that drive local innovation

Learn. Change. Transform. Lead.

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