Active Transportation Fellowship for Minority Leaders

active transportation - bridging mobility - cyclists on the road



In the U.S., ensuring inclusive access to active transportation among racial and ethnic minorities is a vital requirement, not just a goal. The Racial and Ethnic Minority Leadership Training Program aims to address these access and safety disparities. It empowers leaders from Black and Brown communities with the expertise to advocate for change in environmental policy, sustainable transportation, social equity, justice, and community development.

We provided strategic guidance for curriculum development, evaluation, and dissemination, conducting in-depth research to identify leadership and social equity courses in U.S. urban and transportation planning, including international options. Simultaneously, we developed a template for “Blocking the training program agenda and handbook,” offering a structured outline to guide participants and organizers, ensuring a well-organized learning experience through clear objectives, content, and schedules.

(Photo above by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash)

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