Leadership Program for Local Innovation

leadership program local innovation decathlon a woman putting notes on a mindmap

2022 - present


This bespoke 10-week program leverages the traditions of leadership programs, but with a twist. Our twist is that we are on a mission to change the status quo of urban transportation systems, from “streets for cars” to “streets for people.” 

Over three core modules, including a Summit in Amsterdam, the program holistically develops participant knowledge of the intricate causes and effects of urban cycling. During the program, participants apply this knowledge towards their cities and learn about strategies to enact change. 

What participants take away from this program is much more than a set of best practices – but rather a confident, strategic, and comprehensive understanding of the leadership needed to transform cities. And their own role as an agent of change.

Through the program, participants:

  • Acquire and apply new knowledge about how the environment influences citizen behavior and lifestyles
  • Develop skills, awareness and confidence in understanding how cycling policy works in your city
  • Apply your new insights through action planning to become a force of positive change in your city

This program was designed for Decathlon with the intention to deepen sustainability efforts by improving cycling connections to their retail operations in cities worldwide. If you are interested in finding out more, please email us at [email protected]

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