Handshake bike-train a man putting his bicycle away at a train station

2018 - 2022


In all corners of Europe, cities face alarming levels of congestion and air pollution and a scarcity of public space, whilst urban environments remain dangerous for vulnerable road users. Cycling is a powerful way to address these challenges and steer cities towards being more sustainable, equitable and economically prosperous places for citizens. Handshake helps cities become more liveable places, improving conditions for cycling as an everyday mode of transport.

Handshake will achieve this by improving the quality of both cycling infrastructure and communications through identifying innovation in areas such as intelligent transport systems, bike sharing, modelling, bike parking, socio-economic assessment and governance and decision-making. 

The main method is through policy transfer and policy learning between leaders in cycling (i.e., Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Munich) and the emerging cycling cities (i.e., Dublin, Bordeaux, Cadiz, etc.).

We are tracking this learning over time to understand how cycling policies are learned and transferred and through which mechanisms.

CIVITAS Handshake, a Horizon 2020-funded project under the CIVITAS Initiative, aims to support cities to make the transition to two wheels.

The project is running from September 2018 to February 2022.

For inquiries about this project, please contact Meredith Glaser ([email protected])

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